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Les Grandes Heures Automobiles 2017

Added 14 January 2018
Circuit des Remparts d'Angoulême 2017

Added 17 December 2017
Grand Prix de France Historique 2017

Fourth history decades combined in seven series for this first edition of the Grand Prix de France Historique:
  • P1 - FIA Masters Historic Formula One
  • P2 - FIA Masters Historic Sports Car
  • P3 - Masters Three Hours
  • P4 - HGPCA F1 pré 61 + HGPCA II F1 pré 66
  • P5 - International Historic F2
  • P6 - Trophée F3 Classic
  • P7 - Formula Ford Historic 50th anniversary

  • Races Ranking
    Added 18 November 2017
    Chinon Classic 2017

    Added 5 November 2017
    Vintage-Revival Montlhery 2017

    Added 10 August 2017
    Classic Days 2017

    Added 10 June 2017
    Salon Rétro Passion Rennes 2017

    Added 7 June 2017
    Le Mans Auto Moto Rétro 2017

    Added 5 June 2017
    87th Geneva International Motor Show

    Added 14 May 2017
    Retromobile 2017

    This 42nd edition has been the occasion to display five Delage 1500 cars (from 1927 and 1936) and celebrates the legends of rally : Group B cars.
    Added 30 March 2017
    Le Mans Classic 2016

    Races Ranking
    Added 15 December 2016
    Grand Prix de Tours 2016

    Added 16 November 2016
    The Grand Prix de l'Age d'Or 2016

    The program of this 52nd edition included 9 grids:
  • Classic Endurance Racing 1 & 2
  • Group C Racing
  • Trofeo Nastro Rosso
  • Sixties' Endurance
  • Heritage Touring Cup
  • Under 2 litre Touring Cars (U2TC)
  • Trophée Légende
  • FJHRA/HSCC «Silverline» Front Engined Championship

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    Added 23 August 2016
    22nd Rallye International du Pays de Fougeres

    The 22nd Fougeres Rally has took place from Friday May 27th to Monday May 30th between Cancale and Vitré, via Fougères,Ille & Vilaine,Brittany. Marque of Honour: Bugatti.
    Added 10 August 2016
    10th Historic Monaco Grand Prix

    The Historic Grand Prix was first held in 1997, and has been run every two years since 2000 by the Automobile Club of Monaco. This 10th edition has been distributed into 6 races and a parade for the A series:
  • Event A : Pre-war Grand-Prix Cars
  • Race B : Pre-1961 front-engined F1 Grand Prix and F2 cars
  • Race C : Front engine Sports Racing cars raced from 1952 to 1955 (included)
  • Race D : Front-engined, drum brakes Formula Junior Cars from 1958 to 1960 (included)
  • Race E : 1500 F1 Grand Prix Cars from 1961 to 1965 (included)
  • Race F : F1 Grand Prix Cars from 1966 to 1972 (included)
  • Race G : F1 Grand Prix Cars from 1973 to 1976 (included)

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    Added 14 June 2016
    Classic Days 2016

    This ninth edition of Classic Days has been the occasion to honor Jean Ragnotti.
    Added 9 April 2016
    86th Geneva International Motor Show

    Added 20 March 2016
    Retromobile 2016

    This 41st edition has been the occasion to display 3 monsters from the record books, present 5 cars - the only ones of their kind in the world - with their wheels positioned in a lozenge configuration called « Rhomboid », celebrate the 115 years of sporting passion by Renault and the 110 years of the Automobile Club de l'Ouest.
    Added 19 November 2015
    Equip Auto 2015

    Added 17 November 2015
    Les Grandes Heures Automobiles 2015

    Added 30 October 2015
    Grand Prix de Tours 2015

    Added 15 October 2015
    Blancpain Endurance Series 2015: Paul Ricard

    This 3rd round of the 2014 Blancpain Endurance Series was organized on the Paul Ricard circuit. Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo, Ultracar Sports Club and GT Sports Club have completed the program of this week-end.

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    Added 6 September 2015
    The Grand Prix de l'Age d'Or 2015

    The program of this 51st edition included 9 grids:
  • Classic Endurance Racing 1 & 2
  • Sixties' Endurance
  • Trofeo Nastro Rosso
  • Heritage Touring Cup
  • Under 2 litre Touring Cars (U2TC)
  • «Historic Grand Prix Cars Association» Pre '61
  • «Historic Grand Prix Cars Association» Pre '66
  • «Historic Sports Car Club» F3 Nations Cup

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    Added 23 July 2015
    The Princess Rally, 2015 edition

    The racing event for women started rom Paris to finish at Saint Tropez with stages to Saint Aignan sur Cher, Vichy, Aix les Bains and Avignon.
    Added 20 July 2015
    Vintage-Revival Montlhery 2015

    The honoured marque was Salmson and double overhead cams vintage race cars.
    Added 18 June 2015
    Classic Days 2015

    This eigth edition of Classic Days has been the occasion to honor Henri Pescarolo.
    Added 12 December 2004
    BONGARINI: from Passion to Competition

    From the idea to the competition, follow the various stages of the design of an open car intended for the enthusiast races of endurance.