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  >   Club NSU France - 1537 hits   
  >   Mustang Club de France - 2285 hits   
  >   Club Classic Sunbeam & Rootes de France - 1665 hits   
Association promouvant les voitures du groupe Rootes
  >   Club Nouvelle MINI - 1622 hits   
  >   Lea-Francis Owners' Club - 2040 hits   
The Lea-Francis Owners’ Club, founded in 1953, exists thanks to the enthusiastic support of owners to promote interest in Lea-Francis products all over the world, and assist those involved in the restoration and use of the remarkably high proportion of surviving examples. In addition to technical and historical information from the extensive library, detailed registers are kept recording the history of all Lea-Francis vehicles. The Lea-Francis Owners’ Club magazine, The LeaFlet, is published six times a year and contains informative articles and reports. An Internet discussion group has been started mainly to provide practical help and advice on Lea-Francis owners' problems. In addition to the major annual Lea-Francis rally, we also get together in local meetings. This is above all a friendly Club!
  >   Association Vincennes en Anciennes - 2264 hits   
Présentation de l'association Vincennes en Anciennes. Rassemblement de collectionneurs de véhicules de collection à Vincennes et Nogent.
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