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  >   Bertone - 942 hits   
Site officiel de la marque Bertone
  >   Giugiaro - 900 hits   
Site Officiel de la marque Giugiaro
  >   Design by Jacquemond - 1267 hits   
Site officiel de la marque Jacquemond
  >   MS Design - 914 hits   
Site officiel de la marque MS Design
  >   Pininfarina - 801 hits   
Site officiel de la marque Pininfarina
  >   Zagato - 896 hits   
Site Officiel de la marque Zagato
  >   Fenomenon - holistic design - 821 hits   
Fenomenon is a new, highly qualified holistic design agency based in London. It was conceived as an independent provider of holistic design proposals that cover the entire chain of the vehicle design process. Fenomenon's first research project, the Stratos, debuts at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show.
  >   Fab Design - 999 hits   
Fascination Automobiles at their Best. This is the motto of FAB DESIGN for the development and distribution of exclusive customization programs for all current Mercedes-Benz models. We offer an assortment of elegant stylish Aerodynamic-kits, one-piece and multi-piece light allow wheels from 18 to 20-inch diameter, sporty-comfortable sport suspension and exclusive options for interior. In addition FAB DESIGN offers a high performance and stable motor tuning as well as brake systems.
  >   Istituto Europeo di Design - 707 hits   
For over thirty years, the Istituto Europeo di Design has been operating in the fields of Education and Research in the disciplines of Design, Fashion, Visual Arts and Communication. Today it is an international network constantly on the growth.
  >   Studiotorino - 966 hits   
Established in Turin on January 1, 2005 by Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola and Marco Goffi, STUDIOTORINO aims to develop and create off-set sports automobiles. Unique handcrafted ad personam or limited series creations for those who see in cars a tri-dimensional expression of their dreams and emotions.
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