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Salon Rétro Passion Rennes 2024

Theme of the exhibition: « Mythical vehicles of yesteryear »
Celebration of the centenary of MG and 90 years of the Citroen Traction Avant
Le Mans Auto Moto Rétro 2024

This year, British brands were in the spotlight.
4ème YCAR Trial

91st Geneva International Motor Show

Historic Auto 2024

Retromobile 2024

Epoqu'Auto 2023

Les Coupes Auto Légendes 2023

Autobrocante Festival 2023

Circuit des Remparts d'Angoulême 2023

Six FFSA competition grids and three demonstration grids have been selected for this 51st edition:
  • Maurice Trintignant: this line-up includes only cars built before 1939,
  • Jean-Pierre Beltoise: the show will be performed by before 1965 GT such as the Lotus Cortina, Mini not to mention the Jaguar,
  • Louis Rosier: a rare opportunity to watch the Elva, Lenkin let alone the Cooper on the track,
  • Marc Nicolosi: only made up of Bugatti's. The most famous of the « Circuit des Remparts » event. The winner will be awarded the « Gregory Ramouna » trophy,
  • Raymond Sommer : give way to chain drive, which is very rare on our lands but widely represented here (GN, Frazer Nash) that will battle with the Riley who won't leave their share of the cake,
  • Bernard Darniche : the 50th anniversary of the Lancia Stratos (Firestone Rally, Automobile Tour de France ) is a cause for celebration. Multiple France and Europe Champion at the wheel of Stratos, the Gironde-born Bernard Darniche will honor us with is presence,
  • Prince Bira : prince Birabongse Bhanutej Bhanubandh, more commonly know as Prince Bira, is a Thai racing driver who started his career at the wheel of a MG K3,
  • Henri Greder: reserved for cars built between 1966 and 1976.

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    Added 1er April 2024
    Rallycross de Lohéac 2023

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    Added 11 February 2024
    Le Mans Classic 2023

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    Added 22 November 2023
    The 24 Hours Le Mans Centenary Great Exhibition

    Added 16 November 2023
    Chinon Classic 2023

    The Sunbeam brand, victorious in the 1923 Tours Grand Prix, was celebrated. Jean-Pierre Jarier guest of honor at this Centenary edition of the Tours Grand Prix.
    Added 27 October 2023
    4th French Festival Of Slowth - Balade sur les terres du Seigneur de Gatigny

    Added 12 October 2023
    Centenary of the 1923 A.C.F Grand Prix

    Added 6 October 2023
    1973, Men, a title, a legend

    Initiative Dieppe évènements Alpine* (IDéA) has launch a new meeting in Dieppe in 2023 to celebrate the first World Rally Championship title won by Alpine in 1973.
    *IDéA, an association dedicated to the organisation of events linked to the history of Alpine, including the Alpine Alumni Association, the Alpine Dieppe Club and the Alpine Usine de Dieppe Club.
    Added 1er October 2023
    Lohéac Legend Festival 2023

    Added 30 August 2023
    God Save The Car Festival 2023

    Added 25 August 2023
    Classic Days 2023

    This sixteenth edition of the Classic Days has been the occasion to celebrate the centenary of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and to honor Jean-Louis Schlesser. Alain Ferté, Jacques Laffite, Jacky Ickx and Jean Ragnotti were also present.
    Added 30 July 2023
    French Historic Grand Prix 2023

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    Added 16 June 2023
    Le Mans Auto Moto Rétro 2023

    Added 12 June 2023
    3ème YCAR Trial

    Added 24 May 2023
    Retromobile 2023

    This 47th edition was the occasion to present a thematic exhibition dedicated to the centenary of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.
    Added 02 May 2023
    22ème Puces Auto Moto de Nantes

    Added 27 April 2023
    Epoqu'Auto 2022

    The 43rd edition offers three exceptional showcases: Ford Europe for the Popular showcase, Lancia for the Prestige showcase, and the Amicale des Clubs de Marques for the Historic showcase. The Autodiva showcase was dedicated to AGS single-seaters (Automobiles Gonfaronnaises Sportives).
    Added 12 April 2023
    Circuit des Remparts d'Angoulême 2022

    Five FFSA competition grids and three demonstration grids have been selected for this 50th edition:
  • Centenary Austin 7: the little English car was born in 1922. Grid reserved for models of the brand, all variants combined.
  • Henri Greder: a grid composed of cars of the GT and Tourism categories after 1965.
  • Marc Nicolosi: only made up of Bugatti's. The most famous of the « Circuit des Remparts » event. The winner will be awarded the « Gregory Ramouna » trophy.
  • Maurice Trintignant: made up of pre-war cars.
  • Jean-Pierre Beltoise: on track, cars of the GT and Tourism categories prior to 1965.
  • Ari Vatanen: The cursed queens of the World Rally Championship, introduced in 1982 and banned in 1986 due to their dangerousness.
  • Grand Prix: Grand Prix cars from 1908 to 1954. They wrote the most glorious pages of the beginnings of motorsport.
  • Jean Ragnotti: a grid dedicated to the Renault 5 Turbo. The model was produced by Renault from 1980 to 1985 for the road... but above all for racing!

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    Added 12 February 2023
    National Automobile Museum of Andorra

    Despite being a small country, Andorra has a long motoring tradition, which is why its automobile museum is one of the most important collections in Europe.
    Added 11 February 2023
    Le Mans Classic 2022

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    Added 11 December 2022
    Chinon Classic 2022

    Jean-Claude Andruet guest of honor of the Chinon Classic and Cathy Caly godmother of the edition.
    Added 27 November 2022
    French Historic Grand Prix 2022

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    Added 20 October 2022
    1000 Alpine for Jean Rédélé's 100th birthday

    Added 16 October 2022
    13th Historic Monaco Grand Prix

    The Historic Grand Prix was first held in 1997, and has been run every two years since 2000 by the Automobile Club of Monaco. This 13th edition has been distributed into 8 series:
  • Serie A1 : Pre-war Grand Prix Cars and Voiturettes
  • Serie A2 : Front-engine Grand Prix cars, built before 1961
  • Serie B : Rear-engine Grand Prix Cars, 1500, F1 (1961 - 1965) and F2 (1956 - 1960)
  • Serie C : Sports Racing cars - front engines (1952 - 1957)
  • Serie D : F1 Grand Prix cars 3L (1966 - 1972)
  • Serie E : F1 Grand Prix cars 3L (1973 - 1976)
  • Serie F : F1 Grand Prix cars 3L (1977 - 1980)
  • Serie G : F1 Grand Prix cars 3L (1981 - 1985)

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    Added 13 August 2022
    Vintage-Revival Montlhery 2022

    This 6th edition of the Vintage-Revival Montlhery highlighted the BNC and Motosacoche brands and celebrated the centenary of Amilcar.
    Added 11 June 2022
    Classic Days 2022

    This fifteenth edition of Classic Days has been the occasion to celebrate the centenary of Jean Rédélé and to honor Jacky Ickx.
    Added 05 May 2022
    Salon Rétro Passion Rennes 2022

    Theme of the exhibition: « Barn find »
    Added 24 April 2022
    Le Mans Auto Moto Rétro 2022

    This year, the Panhard-Levassor brand was in the spotlight with a presentation of around twenty emblematic vehicles of the brand.
    La Mancelle, Amédée Bollée's car in 1878, was presented this year by Armab. This association has indeed produced the electric replica. The Mancelle was one of the first cars marketed in the world.
    Added 12 December 2004
    BONGARINI: from Passion to Competition

    From the idea to the competition, follow the various stages of the design of an open car intended for the enthusiast races of endurance.